I was born in the midst of praying parents. When I was young, God seemed to place a hunger and thirst in my spirit. When I was around the age of ten, God introduced me to angels.  I found myself walking in a city downtown, and an elderly man asked me for directions to the bus stop.


I pointed in the direction where all the busses stopped. Then he said, "But sir, I do not have any money." Suddenly, I found myself reaching in my pocket where I had three dollars rolled up. I immediately gave him the money. When I asked if he understood, he disappeared in front of my eyes. Before I could get on my bus, there was another man. This gentleman wanted me to give him information about another little city. After I told the gentleman about the city, I said, "If you wait here a bus will come to take you there." He kindly said, "Thank you, young man. Now point me in that direction." I quickly told him,"You can't walk there." That is when I remembered I had one more dollar.


I quickly reached in my pocket and gave him the dollar. I was getting ready to say, "Now wait here for your bus." Then he disappeared. That was two disappearances within a few minutes of each other. When I arrived home, I told my mother and she unfolded my mystery by telling me that those men were angels.


All of my life from my childhood until now, God has always sent angels around me. He speaks to me daily and I to him. God instructs me and guides my life by his spirit.






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